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Excursions & TravelsPublished on 16 April 2024

Field-Day 2024 of the Swiss NGO DRR Platform - Risk Assessment Floods

Event Date

  • Thursday 19:00 - Friday 17:00

The topic of the Field Day 2024 is Risk Assessment Floods. The field day will take place near Langnau in the Emmental region, 30 minutes by train from Bern. As the location is quite a distance for some, we propose the same set up as last year, i.e. an overnight stay, arriving the evening before from 7pm, for a dinner together followed by a thematic introduction. This gives us the whole next day to practice. It also gives us more opportunities for exchange and networking. Meals and accommodation will be covered by the Platform. The costs for travelling to and from Langnau will be covered by the participants.

Event Details


The field day will take place in July and we have already pre-booked two dates: Thursday 4 / Friday 5 July as priority option and Thursday 11 / Friday 12 July as backup option, in case the priority date cannot be met, for instance because of bad weather.

Click here (flyer) for more information, and click here to register. A more detailed programme will be shared with registered participants a couple of weeks prior to the event.