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Congresses and symposiaPublished on 6 May 2024

From observations to resilience: unlocking NGO potential for weather, water and climate services

Event Date

  • Wednesday 09:00 - Friday 17:00

Weather, water and climate services (WWCS) play a crucial role in climate adaptation and disaster risk reduction. To be effective, they require the collaboration of multiple stakeholders with wideranging expertise and skills to manage complex processes. For people in remote, neglected, and vulnerable areas, accessing accurate and reliable information through WWCS can be very difficult. NGOs and CSOs often step in to address this gap. They work to connect the services available at the national level with the local communities and stakeholders who may otherwise struggle to access these vital information and services.

Event Details


Are you supporting and implementing projects and programmes related to climate change and disaster risk reduction, with an interest in learning and exchanging on the importance of WWCS for climate and disaster resilience?

Join us to share and learn from existing experience of platform member organizations and their partners, as well as other organizations and stakeholders involved in providing, using and, assessing WWCS in the context of international cooperation.

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