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Tools and approaches


2 November 2023

Mainstreaming and CEDRIG

Climate, Environment and Disaster Risk Reduction is systematically integrated into SDC development and humanitarian programmes and projects of all sectors.

20 December 2023

Climate Finance

Climate finance includes local, national or transnational financing, originating form public, private and alternative sources, to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

20 December 2023


Digitalisation opens countless possibilities and diverse applications in the field of climate, DRR and environment. It can support climate change mitigation and the transition to a carbon neutral, green economy. Earth observation and remote sensing allow the collecting of climate and environmental data for planning, monitoring, and governance purposes and can be used to respond to climate change and other challenges, and to improve warning, prevention, and preparedness. Digitalisation can also help monitor trends in (restored) ecosystems and help to preserve biodiversity and bionatural capacity. It can furthermore support the tracking of sustainable development benefits and scaling-up of Climate, DRR and Environment projects through innovative business models. Thus, Switzerland’s international cooperation strategy 2021-2024 identifies digitalisation as a priority and vital driver of sustainable development


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